The “Bauhaus” approach to single dosing

RoastReserve is a beautiful, stackable, storage solution for single doses of coffee that preserves the beans’ freshness and flavor. Air and light exposure, which negatively affect the taste and aroma of coffee, are minimized by RoastReserve. It is opened only twice – once to fill it from the bag, and once to grind it for brewing. Each RoastReserve is CNC machined from a solid piece of aluminum and then anodized in silver or black. A WICO one-way valve is integrated in the lid, that keeps it air-tight while allowing freshly roasted coffee to outgas.

RoastReserve is designed to allow RDT right in the container. No transfer needed. Just open the lid, spray it with water, shake it and fill it into your grinder.

Food safety certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Size & Weight: D: 60mm, H: 32mm, 85g
Capacity: ca. 20g (each)

Material: CNC machined from aluminum
Color: Anodized in silver or black

Features: Replaceable one-way valve and foodgrade silicone O-Ring